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Life Insurance
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You probably have insurance protection for your home, your car, and your valuables, but what about your life? If you or a family member were not there tomorrow, would you or your family be able to financially make ends meet? Life insurance protection can help protect you and your family in a time of need. With supplemental life insurance you have the ability to choose and customize an affordable plan to suit your needs. 

Term Life Insurance

Why does Term Life Insurance make sense for me?

Term Life Insurance helps assure you that money won't be your family's major worry when you're gone. Chances are, you'll live a long time. It's probably smart to have Term Life Insurance, which can help pay for expenses should your untimely death occur, while you are covered under the policy so you can help protect your family's future.

How it works:

You decide if Term Life Insurance fits your family's needs and your budget. Once you purchase the coverage, and continue paying premiums, you're protected until the end of the term. 

Term coverage is perfect for the individual who wants higher amounts of coverage for a set period of time. 

It's similar to owning an automobile policy. While your automobile policy is in force you're covered against any unexpected loss. However, if a covered event does not occur during the term of coverage, no benefits are paid and at the end of coverage there is no refund of premiums.

Term Life might be right for you if:

bulletYou're the primary wage earner in your family
bulletYour family would have trouble living comfortably without your income
bulletYou've got regular debts, like a mortgage, car payments or credit cards
bulletYou have children under 18
bulletYou want to supplement your employer's basic group life insurance
bulletYou want a policy that will pay a tax free amount to your beneficiary at your death
bulletYou're young and you want to insure your life while you're still healthy

What you get:

bulletTerm Life Insurance gives your beneficiary a source of funds. This money can be used to help continue mortgage payments, college education or other large expenses that don't stop with an untimely death. 
bulletCompetitive premiums, conveniently deducted from your paycheck.
bulletCoverage that can be renewed with no medical questions to answer or tests to take
bulletCoverage available for your whole family.
bulletA portable policy you can keep if you change jobs or retire, as long as you pay premiums to the insurance company. 
bulletTax-Free Benefit to your beneficiary.

Universal Life Insurance

Prepare for the future today. Universal Life Insurance is permanent Life Insurance that builds cash value at a minimum guaranteed interest rate of 4%. This cash value can be used later to pay higher costs of insurance, can be taken as a tax deferred loan for unexpected expenses, or can be refunded to you if you decide to cancel your policy. 

You may feel a little unsure about preparing for you or your family's future today, especially when you are dealing with the day to day issues of your life. If you are like most, work and family preoccupy your time. But have you stopped to consider your future or the future of your family? Where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years from how - getting married, having children, paying for your child's college education?

These may be dreams today, but what if those dreams were cut short by an unexpected death in your family. How would you, your spouse or your children survive financially?

How much do you need?

You decide how much Life Insurance fits your family's needs and your budget. Once you start paying premiums they are added to your cash value fund. Cost of insurance charges and expense charges are deducted each month. 

Your fund value accumulates each month as it earns interest. Your fund value is guaranteed to earn at least 4%. Future fund values can be used when you experience a need. An annual report helps you keep track of the current fund value of your policy. It also itemizes the amounts credited to and charged against your policy. 

Universal Life Insurance provides protection for you or your loved ones in the event of an untimely death. 



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